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Teens often enter therapy when the storm of adolescence has grown out of control and a series of poor choices or difficult circumstances has disrupted life with peers, at home or at school.  When therapy works for a teen it is a consistent and nourishing place where there is shelter from the storm.  Having an opportunity to think through choices and feel seen and heard can make an enormous difference in the life of a teenager.  It can also change destructive patterns at home, school and with peers.
It is important for the parents of a teen in therapy to have a good working relationship with the therapist.  Parents should see positive change in their child.  They should feel that the therapist provides insight into how their child’s mind works and provides practical strategies for easing challenges.  They should also feel the therapist comfortably navigates being the teen’s therapist and a support to his or her parents.
I have helped many teens and their families in short and long term therapies with a range of challenges including: anxiety, depression, difficultly with attention, compulsive technology use, drug and alcohol abuse, body image, trauma and loss.  My style is genuine and goal oriented.  I am proud of my ability to connect with teens and parents while maintaining the professional role of a therapist.  



I have extensive experience working with people who are struggling in college or after they graduate.  Therapy often can be a way to constructively sort through the confusion of a difficult time in school or after graduation.  During this period of life, a good experience in therapy can provide the internal structure that allows those in college or post college take greater responsibility for their future. 



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