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I help families, couples and individuals in a collaborative process to identify and apply strengths in difficult times.    My work is informed by models of human development and takes into account milestones that individuals, couples and families reach at different points in their lives. I stay active in the field and work closely with other professionals to ensure that I am bringing an up to date, focused and informed approach to my work.
Jason Brand, LCSW

I received my training in psychotherapy at some of the best programs in the Bay Area and I have worked with a wide range of patients in my private practice.  I form a strong working relationship with the people that I work with and provide practical support that can be applied directly to life’s challenges.  


In addition to my psychotherapy practice, I specialize in providing support to families in a rapidly changing world where digital technologies are transforming our lives. My work takes place in schools and with organizations where I lead workshops about safety, trust, awareness and respect in the digital age. My book, “1 to 1 at Home: A Parent’s Guide to School-Issued Laptops and Tablets” is a practical guide to integrating new technologies into family life.

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