In Season 2 of The Human Nurture Podcast (coming late 2020) we will cover PACT in Training.  PACT stands for a Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy and has a reputation for effectively helping the most challenging situations that come up between couples.  In each episode, we will answer the question, "How does a PACT therapist learn to help with that?"  "That" could be any challenge that a couple brings into counseling-- from infidelity, to money, to trauma, to decisions about the health and well being of a child. If you are a couples therapist looking to sharpen your skills, or if you are just curious about how couples therapists learn to do their job, tune into this season of Human Nurture.

Do you and your partner want a unique and informative couples therapy experience? 

The Human Nurture Podcast, hosted by PACT couples therapist Jason Brand, is currently seeking volunteer couples to be guests on the second season. Featured couples will have an opportunity to share their story, receive support, and provide PACT therapists with valuable education.


Here’s how it will work…


Selected couples will participate over three podcast episodes. In the first episode, Jason will interview the couple. Through the therapy interview, couples will introduce themselves and a challenge they face. In the next episode, Jason will consult with another expert PACT therapist. Together they will answer the question, “How does PACT therapy help with this couple's challenge?” Finally, Jason will meet with the couple once again to review the consultation session and help the couple with the challenge they face.


There is no cost to participate. Space is limited, please inquire by November 1st.  If you are interested or have questions, fill out the form below or email Jason at

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