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The learning curve to becoming a competent PACT therapist is steep.  As a poly-theoretical approach to working with couples, it can be hard to know where and how to begin to understand the theories that inform PACT.  It's also not easy to know how to get the most out of the PACT trainings and to bring all of this to life with couples is certainly a challenge.

These are the struggles that I face as a level 2 PACT therapist and it is why I am dedicating the first season of my podcast, Human Nurture, to investigating couples therapy through a PACT lens.  Season 1, is entitled, "PACT - In Theory" and will look at the foundational elements that make up the PACT approach.  

Each episode of Season 1 - PACT - In Theory, is an interview with an expert in a foundational element of PACT who provides an overview and a feel for the clinical experience of their approach.  Many of the episodes also feature an interview with Stan Tatkin (the creator of PACT) as he offers his reflections on the expert interview and an explanation of how the foundational element fits into PACT.  

Over the course of Season 1 we will look at 10 foundational elements of PACT: Constructive Living, Psychoanalytic (Masterson), Psychodrama/Gestalt, Family Therapy, Trance, Mindfulness, Body/Somatic, Developmental Neuroscience, Social Justice and Attachment.

Like PACT therapy, the podcast is best understood when experienced.  Thank you for checking it out and please feel free reach out to me with questions and comments.



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